A Day Out in 3 Outfits

We spent a day out with Celebrity Stylist Miloni Shah. She is know for her contemporary style picks and how she pairs statement pieces with everyday wear. In our conversation, she spilled out the juicy deets about how she plans outfits for her day.

Here are our notes :

Brunch Outfit

First outfit of the day is especially crucial because it also doubles as a work work wear. So this outfit must be stylish but at the same time a subtle work outfit. Today, Miloni paired Sweesh’s Stretchable Denim Top with basic black shorts balancing style and statement perfectly.

After Work Shopping / Girl’s evening out

Shopping – Street or Mall means lots of walking, changing and trying. Wearing something flowy not only helps in the movement but is also comfortable. Miloni paired a square cut overtop with a little white dress under it. She says it keeps her strides free and outfit game on-point


For Dinner, Miloni paired a Black Color Block Strappy Dress by Wendell Rodricks with a Distressed Denim Jacket. This outfit amps the glam quotient for the evening while being super chic and comfortable.

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