AccesoRISE to the Occasion

People remember a good outfit, appreciate a stylish ensemble but they will never forgot what you looked like in a statement jewelry. Popupgalleria shows you how to accesoRISE to look dapper no matter where you’re at     

While dressing up is a joy, donning a beautiful jewelry is a craft. It is a piece of art that will enhance your looks and magnify  your beauty. A distinguished piece of jewelry elevates any mood, makes every occasion memorable, enchantes everyone and makes every encounter memorable. Popupgalleria will help you add the Ying to your Yang and the zing to your persona. These beautiful pieces are ought to steal the show no matter where you wear them.

Acc 1: 

“In my ears, whisper sweet nothings to me. And let me blush all evening.” These earrings are as poetic as this line is. These Silver multi-colour drop earrings are extremely stunning and a perfect pick for both Indian and ethnic wear. The intricate geometric figures are married to soothing colored gems that will bring out the best in an outfit.

Acc 2:   

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said John Keats. Indeed! He was right and if he were alive to see these beauties we are sure he would write a few verses on their beauty. These earrings are both pure silver as well as pure love. The Artificial Diamonds add on to their charm. And don’t they look like dewdrops of water on a fully bloomed flower. 

Acc 3:

Ring out the old and ring in the new. This ring will give you jewelry goals. The incredibly striking cuts and the magnanimous green stone will give you goosebumps. The intricate designs and its tall stature will make you want to own these beauties.

Acc 4:

Ear them out. These ear-candies want to tell you so many stories. We can’t stop talking about these spiral-round earrings. These celestial beauties are ought to make you look like a million dollars. When these nestle in your ears, people won’t stop talking to you or about your impeccable style. 

Acc 5:

Every woman must have a perfectly fitting blue jeans, a crisp white shirt and an elegant and classy pair of travel studs. The trio look like magic on a woman who knows she is irresistible. Travel studs are the go-to earrings when you cannot make up your mind on what to wear. And you can never go wrong in them. 

While we have spilled the beans, nothing should be stopping you from picking up you favorite pair and slay it like boss babe.        

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