Let’s bring back the Bling. Don’t worry bling will not make you end up looking like a bahu straight out of a daily soap. Keep your worries at bay, we at Pop Galleria have you covered for the wedding season

It’s is time to say no to boring office wear and the traditional desi garbs and looks that have already bored you to death. Festivals and elaborate weddings being part of our culture, there is always an occasion to don your traditional garbs. Whenever a festive occasion comes up, we are sure you must be digging your wardrobe to find something perfect to wear. If you are worried that your wardrobe has nothing right for the jolly occasion, except for the lehengas and sarees, then it is time you leave the job to us.

All you have to do is scatter some shimmer and sparkle, get a handful of glitz and glam and pinch of sexy and sassy. Bingo. You have all the right ingredients to look like the quintessential diva meets desi girl look.

Firstly, let us slay two myths. Numero uno, Bling looks OTT and that the blingy outfits are best suited for evening or night events. Bling done right can do a lot to your look and you can slay in it like it’s no one’s business. We bring you some awesome ideas so that you can make bling work for you even during daytime.

    1. Ice Blue Crop Top with Skirt: https://www.popupgalleria.com/shop/crop-top-with-skirt/
      Look like a princess straight out of a fairytale book with a gorgeous pure georgette skirt and a dreamy and flowy cape top. This Chhayya Mehrotra ensemble is truly poetry in motion. The pure georgette creation has all the ingredients for sass and class.


    1. Gown: https://www.popupgalleria.com/shop/gown/Transform into a bedazzled beauty in this breathtakingly beautiful Chhayya Mehrotra creation. Spruce up your style quotient with this soft mint gown. It comes with a zip closure to ensure comfort. The cut out sleeves and stylishly done Rhinestone and hand embroidery will make you look like a Goddess.


    1. Black Hand Embroidered Tunic:  https://www.popupgalleria.com/shop/hand-embroidered-black-bem-silk-tunic/Black is Bae. It has a charm of its own and will transform you in an instant. If you want to go for something that gives you a stronger ethnic feel, this Black Cape Gown from Smriti Apparels is the answer to all your style queries. Black Bem Silk Tunic is adorned with hand embroidery that elevates its already classy look and is enhanced with an asymmetrical placket flap which gives this ensemble a finesse.


  1. Cowl Tunic Dress: https://www.popupgalleria.com/shop/pink-hand-embroidered-cowl-tunic-dress/A damsel needs nothing less than a piece of art on her body. This Tunic is both a head turner and a show stealer. Curated with the timeless georgette married to a delightful pink, this Cowl Tunic Dress is drop dead gorgeous. The Tunic is ornamented with a beautiful and delicately hand embroidery work of thread work. The sequins are subtle while the gold buttons simply make this attire a piece of art.A smart lady knows that it is wiser to be prepared for whatever life throws at her. When the times comes, she truly believes in surprising everyone at the occasion instead of the occasion ending up surprising her. Every woman is always on a shopping spree at the back of her mind, whether she physically shops or not is a different story altogether. By the way, doesn’t it feel good to know that you have something fabulous hanging in your closet that you can always reach out to.

Day or night, Spring or Fall, Bling or not, always pump yourself with the confidence to slay it.

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