5 Simple Styling Tips for Shorter Women

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Most short women want to appear taller and leaner. Though there is no magic potion to increase the height, a few styling tips can help shorter women look taller.  When you are short in height, you will usually have certain purposes with your dressing style such as a flattering silhouette. A little changes in choosing your designer women’s clothes and wearing style is a best way to make a big difference. Continuing the discussion, this blog covers five useful styling tips for shorter women who want to appear longer or leaner in their appearance. Let’s take a look.

1. Cuff Long Shirts at the Elbow

Sleeve length can totally transform how a woman’s silhouette appears to the observing eye. Cuffed sleeves helps emphasize on your arm shape. If you have short arms, cuff long shirts at the elbow or prefer buying sleeveless designer women clothes. It is the best way to make your appear longer and leaner.

2. Cuff Long Jeans

When it comes to jeans and trousers choose high waist, skinny jeans with straight legs. Straight leg jeans with a dark wash will be an added advantage to make you look taller. Prefer 3/4 trousers or jeans with cuffs. Do not choose jeans that stop in the calf region – either keep it short till the knees or cuff long jeans till the ankle to look tall.

3. Pair Shoes and Bottoms with Similar color

The similar color scheme is the best trick to look tall. Pair shoes and bottom with same color such as black heels with black jeans to elongate your legs. Look for shoes in shades similar to your own skin tone if you are wearing short designer women clothes.

4. Use Layers for a Perfect Fit

If an item is large in the upper body or too big in the armholes, wearing it as a layer underneath jackets, sweaters, or vests hides all that perfectly. It is the best way to spruce up your look and look slim and tall.

5. Wear a Long-Fitted Shirt underneath a Cropped Top

A cropped top over a fitted t-shirt works well to look tall and slim. For a casual look, pair it with denim, ankle boots and a stack of bangles. You can also layer a loose crop top over a tight dress to sport a classic retro look.

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