Essential Clothing Tips for Every Woman

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world; the women who wear them will.” – Anne Klein


Wondering, what to wear to the party, tonight? Your wardrobe may be full of clothes and accessories but yet you can feel that there’s nothing exciting to wear. This is the kind of sartorial struggle most women go through regularly. You can, however, make your life easier by following some time-tested fashion tips that factor in personal style, body type, and personality. These tips are endorsed by many leading women designers.

Get Rid of Old Garments

If you’re looking for a makeover in the way you dress, you should make room for it first. Open your closet and take a long, good look at the stuffs in there. Perhaps it is in a mess with half of the space occupied by clothes you don’t honestly require. Stop hoarding clothes that you don’t need. Donate them to some charity, or else there’s always someone looking for hand-me-downs. Discard unused clothes, free up the wardrobe, and it will look neat. That way, you’ll stop spending more time in front of your closet deciding what to wear, and ultimately you’ll feel good about the change.

Dress According to Body Type

Is your body pear-shaped, rectangular, or hourglass? Don’t be surprised if you come across fellow women who simply seem to know how to wear right. They are women who dress according to their body type. Choose clothes that accent your bodily features perfectly. For instance, a V-neck makes the trunk of the body looks longer, and nude pumps enhance the length of legs. Know your body shape and select your favorite online ladies designer clothes based on it. Things will automatically fall in place.

Use Accessories With Bold Colors

Dressing remains incomplete for women without accessorizing in some way. Fashionable accessories add a personal touch to outfit. While you may accessorize according to your taste, bold-colored add-ons are advisable. It can be a colorful handbag, scarf, pendant, or simply a bright lipstick. When they are paired with garments of neutral color, the result is awesome. Buttons also make interesting, arty, and economical accessories. You can try buttons with motifs and other engravings on them; they are unique and eye-catching.

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