Colors and how they influence our mood

What Colour do you feel today?
Ever noticed that the kind of clothes generally choose to wear or what colours you
pick to dress for the day often reflects your mood and mental state. Well, picture
this. Walk into a room done in blue or a green, doesn’t it instantaneously have a
calming effect on your being? Artists and interior designers and decorators
strongly state that color can dramatically have an effect on ones thoughts, moods,
feelings, and emotions. In fact a lot of phrases in the English language are
influences from colours. We say, “He is in the pink of health”. “I am feeling blue.”
“She turned green with envy” or “My father turned red with Anger. “ Emotions
directly or indirectly elicit a different emotional response in the viewer.
When Tisha, an advertising professional went through a bitter divorce a couple of
months back. She resorted to retail therapy to feel good about herself and hoarded
her home with clothes. When her friend Renu opened her closet, all she saw was
blacks, whites, beiges, greys and pale pastels. In a way her state of mind dominated
her closet. Immediately her friend asked her to shop for some pinks, reds, yellows
and orange. No way does someone deserve to live their live sans colours.
Let’s talk about the colour Red. Red is a colour that has great depth and gravity to
it. The brightness immediately charges you up. It is a color that is also associated
with love and passion. It is also a colour that denotes importance, attraction and
admiration. Just like the red carpet. In fact, Red is also associated with anger, which
a negative emotion.
‘Color’ is such a powerful force in our lives and it is extremely interesting to note
how colors work to influence your mood, emotions and behaviour? Celebrated
world famous artist Pablo Picasso noted, "Colors, like features, follow the changes
of the emotions." So why not get fashionable and make colors work in your favour
so that you can cast a spell in no matter what you are donning and which occasion
you are gracing.
We know, you love your blacks and whites. Fair enough. But these are colors that
will add drama to your day and spice to our life. Let’s paint our wardrobe with
lovely hues.

Red is a colour that has been long associated with Love. An emotionally intense
color, red makes our heart beat a little faster. Nonetheless, Red is a shade that
always gets you noticed. No wonder we hail the red carpet. Chuck the LBD and
opt for a Red evening gown and viola… lady you will be a beauty to behold.
The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes
the opposite reaction as red. The peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce
calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. Did you know fashion
designers, stylists and wardrobe consultants recommend wearing blue to job
interviews because it symbolises loyalty, integrity and responsibility. It is
definitely a go-to colour apart from black if you are in a formal set-up and wish to
make an impact.
Green we all know symbolises nature and is a very attractive colour. It is the
easiest color on the eye and can improve vision too. It has a calming and refreshing
effect. Also people who are waiting to appear on a TV show or are about to make a
public appearance sit in "green rooms" to relax and charge up.
The colour of the sunshine is eludes happiness, cheer and positivity. Yellow is also
said to enhance concentration and also speeds metabolism. Nonetheless it looks
breathtakingly beautiful and instantaneously lifts up the room.
The color of royalty, purple signifies luxury, royalty and sophistication. It is also a
feminine and romantic hue. The lighter shades of purple especially lavender look
very pretty and appealing and have become really popular amongst fashionistas.
So lovely ladies, what’s your pick today?

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