Festival dressing after the Quarantine

We are almost back to normalcy in our lives, albeit the “new normal” is of course with the masks, sanitizers, and a lot of precautions. It’s also time for the month which has always had the most number of festivals in the calendar year. From Rakshabandhan to India’s independence day, Eid, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi (& the birthday of this person) & many more. Everyone loves the month of August for the sheer number of holidays and festivities. So what better way to celebrate a festival than dressing up for the occasion?

India is a multicultural country where we have people from a lot of different religious backgrounds living together and we all celebrate the festivals together as well. It’s time to meet up with friends, spend time with the family, have different dishes associated with those festivals, and of course a great excuse to dress up. So let’s focus on dressing for upcoming festivities after a very stressful 4 months. The 1st festival is Eid closely followed by Rakshabandhan which is on Monday 3rd August. An extended weekend, don’t you just love it? Not to mention it’s coming right after Friendship Day which is also a big celebration in India. Also, the month of August will have Janmashtami on 11th August, Independence day on 15th August, Parsi New year, Ganesh Chaturthi, Ramdev Jayanti, and more.

So let’s get ready for the festivals and how we plan to get decked up for it. Starting with Eid, it’s time to dress up, cook some mouth-watering dishes, and enjoy time with family and friends. Not sure how we will do that last bit considering the social distance but we still can look and eat well. Check out some of the ideas here. and here.

And Rakshabandhan is, of course, a celebration of both brothers and sisters so how can the ladies not get all decked up? We can suggest you check out some of our own collection here where we have gift boxes for both brothers and sisters and more gifts as well. Also, check out some ideas of dressing up for the siblings in here.


Next up Independence Day. India will complete 73 years as an independent country and patriotic fervour is high in the air for Indians. The clothes and the dressing style reflects the same as well. Check out some of the dressing ideas for Independence day here.

And of course, India loves its religious holidays equally for all the dishes associated with them. Ganesh Chaturthi is the next one in the month of August. So how could we miss out the collection for that? Here is what we feel would look great.

And while we are at the discussion of festival dressing, you can check out our collections as well. 


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