Quarantine Fashion Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not.

The past few months have been stressful for all of us and we probably heard a lot of words for the 1st time in our lives. Things like quarantine, lockdown, zoom, and many more. We even experienced a lot more of the things for the 1st time or probably after a long time. Things like working from home, juggling personal and professional lives, kids, cooking and cleaning and making sure kids do not interrupt our work calls (which they did). 

With so much going on in our lives, and worrying about job cuts, economic crisis, we are sure fashion was probably not on anyone’s minds or a priority. Though some people did find opportunity in this calamity and did come up with the whole new concept of “Quarantine Fashion”. After all, those zoom calls did not stop and we still had to look presentable, didn’t we?

So let’s talk about what was the in thing during the last few months and what were the trends that the fashion police detested. (Hint :- if you are still working from home, you may as well incorporate some of them in your WFH/Quarantine wardrobe)





We can see that people hung out virtually, danced together on video calls, stayed in touch with each other through them and of course a lot of work happened over video calls too. Not sure of how you felt, but trust me I was conscious of how I looked every time I went online on a call. Even people who lost their jobs and were applying for new ones were interviewed online. A common theme across the board during quarantine was to finally put on clothes that we could not wear while we were running for the office everyday. The clothes which are comfy and great for lounging around whole day long but we could hardly wear them because our lives were too busy commuting to and from work.

From long comfy cardigans to relaxed shorts and even lingerie, everything was finally allowed because we spent most of our time indoor at home. Even the clothes which we were always worried about, if they will look good for a particular occasion. Are they too flashy? Are they too simple? The jewellery, is it matching with the clothes? All those questions were irrelevant and at least people were not worried about the fashion sense as much as they were in the normal world. 

Not to forget people had more time for inspiration from Social media. Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, they all played a role in defining the trends and starting new ones. The #pillowdresschallenge was born in the quarantine as well and it gave us laughs. Fashion is in our blood too and no matter what time of the year, we will find ways to be fashionable. Even though we took a bit of sabbatical ourselves on the blog, we are back and promise to keep you posted on the latest trends here.

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