Styled by Mother Nature

Fashion is at our face and fingertips all the time. Clothes overflow from our closets and that chair in the room we all are guilty of having. Clothes are lying in our online shopping carts waiting for us to have a wesk moment so that they travel and land up at our doorstep. Online shopping, COD, fashion influencers, vloggers and youtubers are the new age tempting apple that make us sin… to buy and hoard more and more than we would ever wear.


Sustainable fashion is an important tool that will positively help and impact our planet and help reduce the carbon footprints. Sustainable fashion is a revolution in the fashion arena and it centres around creating products that use natural or eco-friendly fabrics and other elements, lend support to artisans by promoting  hand weaving and handcrafted products, use chemical free dyes and imbibe a work culture and techniques that do not cause damage to environment.


Sustainable fashion finds ways to turn waste into fabric, reduce water consumption and saves energy. It helps turn old clothes into new as well as increase the lifespan of clothes. Many entrepreneurs have crafted brands that centre around the concept of Sustainable fashion. Popup Galleria is one of them.  It believes that the planet nurtures us and we should lovingly take care of it. Sustainability and ethical fashion are two major principles the brand stands by. In fact, Galleria chooses designers who are aware of the social impact that have on masses and mirror the same ethics. 


The logo is designed to bare our soul of conscious and ethical living to help make our world more liveable. The first green sphere is but a reflection of Mother Earth and life as a whole. Since we are concerned with protecting the planet, we ensure that we do not create excess inventory and thereby helping keep excess waste out of landfills. 


Sustainable development is more than standing up for the environment. It also translates into fulfilling the needs of a present generation without ruining the resources or the quality of life of the next generation. Sustainable development occurs when people from diverse colours, communities, ethnicities and strata get an equal opportunity to thrive and survive in a society. 


Here’s how we can make a positive impact with every purchase we decide to make. Buy sustainable fabrics. Buying sustainable fabrics and fashion should not translate into being boring. Popup Galleria makes them look very uber and chic if style and staying relevant is your concern. Wear your clothes more often. You don’t necessarily have to repeat them as an attire. Team it up with another accessory and apparel and you will curate a different look altogether. Look after your fabrics well and make them last longer. Together we can make a big difference.

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