The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Intro: Although we are at the tapering end of June, here’s a raising a toast to Pride and a kick in the butt to prejudice

Love thyself and you will kindle a life-long romance. Love has that power. There is love in every colour, all shapes and forms. Not because Love is Blind. Because Love is kind. 

The month of June has been commemorated as the Pride Month to mark the Stonewall Riots and to acknowledge the struggles of a community who painfully see themselves as a minority. Just a dash of history here. In a lot of places around the USA, cross-dressing was considered illegal, gay bars were targeted and bigotry was at its peak. If one was caught, it could translate into doom. One could lose their job and unfortunately their friends too. You could be institutionalized because homosexuality was considered a mental illness until the ’70s. 

Although people had been standing against this treatment for years, and Stonewall happened. Activism just got real and people started to have Gay Pride parades almost like a celebration. This year is also special because it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Stone Wall uprising and the 20th Anniversary of Monica Helm’s creation of transgender flag in Arizona.  

Pop legend Lady Gaga who has been campaigning for LGBTQ and upholding their rights for a very long time now missed no opportunity to raise her voice against bigotry. In her show Enigma, in Vegas held earlier this month, she addressed the crowd, “It’s pride month, but in my mind, it’s pride all fucking year”. “Let’s celebrate all sexual identities, every religion, every colour, every kind. Let’s go! Celebrate your freedom”. she hailed before she went on to perform ‘Born This Way.’ During one of her performances, she went on to wrap herself in a Rainbow Flag.  

While it takes all colours to make the beautiful rainbow, what made it truly stand out this year was popular You Tuber Lily Singh coming out. On Feb 25, this year, the very relatable, real and popular Canadian internet star listed herself as “female,” “coloured” and “bisexual,” She encouraged her fans to embrace their own identities as “superpowers. “Throughout my life, these have proven to be obstacles from time to time. But now I’m fully embracing them as my superpowers.” In no time Lily broke the internet with her revelation. “No matter how many ‘boxes’ you check, I encourage you to do the same x,” she said.

Her online handle being IISuperwomanII, we believe she truly justified her title. Ellen DeGeneres too came out as a lesbian on a TVshow and her fans love her for who she is. 

The rainbow has taken the Fashion Industry in its stride paving way for Androgenous fashion to become more and more rampant. Androgyny is all about breaking the shackles and stereotypes around gender. Androgynous Fashion is a style that aims to steer clear of gender roles. The androgynous dress or style themselves to look like neither a typical boy nor a girl. Earlier, androgynous fashion was caged with a huge stigma, with its ties to the feminist and LGBTQA communities. But in modern fashion, androgyny has become far more accessible! Find out more about androgynous fashion below.

Androgynous fashion is a style that aims to avoid gender stereotypes. The androgynous dress or style themselves to look like neither a typical boy nor a girl. In the past androgynous fashion has held a huge stigma and was often associated with LGBTQA communities. Today, androgyny has become not only relevant and accessible but has also become a style statement. 

Read on to know how you can incorporate this amazing style in your wardrobe. Some of the hot favourites in the androgynous fashion world are:

  1. Go Gothic: There is no other colour. Loose black clothing rules the roost for androgynous fashion lovers.


  1. Geometry: Geometric clothing is a hot favourite amongst stylists, you-tubers talking about fashion and blogger community.


  1. Capes and hoods: Capes and hoods can be teamed with almost anything. Take your look to the next level by teaming them up with geometric styles.


  1. Belts: Steampunk style belts add interest around your waist and make you look hot as hell.


  1. A lil bit of fun: Team a Coat with a skirt, tuck your tie in your shirt and only a wee bit of it pop out and say hi to the boring world.


  1. Go Gaga: Want to experiment with half short and half long hair, go do it. What is stopping you? Chin up! 


Love all. But don’t forget to Love yourself first.

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